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Optimized Switch Device KGO

The optimized switch device KGO is a kinematics-gauge-optimized switch device.

Switch devices of turnouts are exposed to particularly high strains and stresses. To further reduce the forces and as a consequence the wear created by a railway vehicle entering a turnout in diverging or straight route a method of optimizing the transition geometry in the switch area, the so-called "KGO" – Kinematic Gauge Optimization, is incorporated. By slightly widening the gauge in the transition area of the switches the adverse steering effect caused by the rolling radius difference is reduced to a large extent. The running edge geometry of the stock rail are modified in such a way that the wheels steer in the right direction at the right time. This avoids hard flange contact of the wheels and the switch points, reduces the lateral forces and so also reduces wear of the components.

Technical description:

  • Optimization of the wheel transfer in the switch device
  • Significant reinforcement of the switch width in the sensitive area


  • Reinforcement of the switch tip width in the sensitive front area (i.e. more material available as a wear reserve)
  • Reduction of the horizontal track guiding forces
  • Reduction of pinching and breakouts at the switch
  • Extension of the service life of the switches
  • Optimised price-performance ratio

In such optimized turnouts the thickness of the switch rails increases rapidly in the front switch area. Thus the lifetime of the switch rail is considerably increased.


  • All materials used for switch and stock rails (R260, R350HT, R400HT)
  • Corrosion protection: according to requirements