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KE1/4 MOST rail fastening systems

KE1/4 MOST system is designed for ballastless tracks used on bridges.

KE1/4 MOST rail fastening system is dedicated for 60E1 and 49E1 rails, to ensure the required track gauge and rail clamping force, and to limit rail displacement, relative to the steel plate of ballastless tracks. Using anchors from the KE1/2 or KE1/4 system instead of screws, enables the KE1/4 MOST system to be used on a concrete slabs of the ballastless track. The KE1/4 MOST fastening system has been positively tested for compliance with the EN 13481- 5:2017 standard, category D.

Characteristics and Advantages of the KE1/4 MOST System

  • Specially shaped surface of the regulation pad and base plate allows the adjustment of each single base plate in the horizontal direction within ┬▒5 mm from the nominal position (with 1mm steps), allowing track adjustment within +-10 mm with 1 mm increments
  • The system provides excellent electrical insulation, by using a regulation collar and insulation bushing made of plastic
  • Regulation of vertical position with regulation pads
  • Use of nuts with non-standard size polyamide inserts makes it difficult to dismantle the system by unauthorized persons
  • Possibility of using the additional base plate pads in order to determine the proper static stiffness of the system