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Interchangeable Crossing WHZ-T

The interchangeable crossing WHZ-T is used for interchangeability of the overrun area without damaging the top layer, especially for deep groove.

In the context of the need to minimise costs and ensure largely fault-free rail traffic, it is important to extend lay times and reduce maintenance times. In order to carry out complex repairs, for example in the event of an accident or extensive maintenance work, it was previously unavoidable to affect the road surface. Additional, costintensive construction measures had to be accepted. This is no longer the case! Due to the design, the overrun areas in the crossing are exposed to particularly high loads. In order to make the service life of the entire crossing independent of the service life of the overrun area, the idea was born from a special customer request to make the corresponding parts interchangeable. In addition, the design also allows the disassembly of hard-to-weld parts for maintenance and repair work under workshop conditions. Data acquisition for LCC considerations is possible. In this way, the material can be "played" with. In this way, different materials can be tried out under identical conditions. Conclusions about other systems are adaptable.


  • Suitable for all rail profiles
  • Use of highly wear-resistant steels with tensile strengths of ≥1200N / mm2 » Low-wear, rounded 30° scarf joints
  • Permanently proven bracing of the insert » Replacement of the insert without affecting the top layer
  • High level of availability
  • Fast amortisation
  • Short-term data collection for LCC consideration
  • Spare parts compatible with ZAD 30/45