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Hollow Sleeper

Standardized hollow steel sleeper or hollow steel bearer are used for turnouts for the installation in switch devices. 

The new hollow steel sleeper with main dimensions based on conventional concrete sleepers, was developed according to the new hollow sleeper standard EN 16431 and is designed for the replacement of existing sleepers or for retrofitting. The utilization of the hollow sleeper allows a continuous sleeper pitch in the turnout. Locking systems, detectors and rail fastenings can be placed on or inside the sleeper. Due to the small width (350 mm) fully automated tamping of the whole turnout can be achieved. Adjustable H-shaped ribbed sole plates guarantee a variety of different mounting variants, which can be realized according to customer requirements. Additional covers can be fitted to the hollow sleeper and guarantee high availability of the entire system even under the worst conditions.


  • Compact, insulated design
  • Maintenance-free, long life cycle
  • Fully automated tamping
  • Developed according to EN 16431
  • Optimized deflection of the track
  • Protection of the installed components
  • Universal use through maximum standardization o Applicable for all rail profiles (60E1, 54E2, 49E1)
  • Usable for tip- and center-locking
  • No left/right execution
  • Support for point machine can be mounted left / right
  • Adjustable H-shaped ribbed sole plates