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Guide Rail

Guide rails or check rails are the optimal wheel guidance in the crossing area. 

Since trams have to be guided separately in the area of turnout crossings, in order to bypass the interrupted running edge in the crossing, different types of guide rails are used in our turnouts depending on the application. With all our guide rail designs, we place great importance on safety, availability, durability and a material-appropriate maintainability.

System Features:

  • The right guide rail for all rail types
  • Straight and curved design
  • Special designs possible
  • Guide rail types:
    • Construction rails (profile H = 180mm) 73C1 and 105C1 with integrated groove (flat and deep groove)
    • Standard rails with welded-in guide rail 400HB (deep groove)
    • Highly wear-resistant guide rail made of 400HB steel
    • Adjustable guide rail for improved maintenance


  • Suitable solutions for all rail profiles and maintenance philosophies
  • Ensure the highest level of functional reliability and maintainability
  • Use of highly wear-resistant materials in wear areas
  • Adjustment without affecting the top layer (adjustable guide rail)