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Guide Rail with Welded-In 400HB Strip

In order to take advantage of the qualitative advantages of rolled rails in guide rails (deep groove), we have developed a guide rail that provides increased wear resistance in the guiding area of the wheel at the leading edge without losing the rolled surface of the driving head.

The constraint of the rolled rail in the area of the guide rail function is separated out and replaced with a highly serviceable, highly wear-resistant 400HB special material. This method can be applied to all available rail qualities of R200, R220, R260, 290GHT-CL, R290GHT and R340GHT and allows us to map the turnout in a consistent material quality.


  • Suitable for all rail profiles and rail qualities
  • Continuous quality strategy for rails can be implemented by the turnout
  • Using the highly wear-resistant 400HB steel in the guide area of the guide head
  • High quality of the running surface due to the use of a rolled rail profile
  • Maintenance of the leading edge in the track by welding