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Elastic Switch Roller System vaROLL

Among others, the function of the turnout is ensured by the switch device area.

Components within this area are the stock rail and switch rail, the slide chair plate with the slide chair and last but not least the switch roller. Slide chairs and the switch rollers make the switching of the switch rail easier. As no lubrication of the slide chairs is required and the lubrication-free, modern turnout is achieved. If the switch rail only slides over the sliding chairs sliding friction or static friction will occurr. At some types of switch rollers it is possible to adjust the height (as is the case with the vaRoll) so that the switch rail is lifted off the slide chairs. If the switch rail is changed now, a rolling friction will occurr due to the support of the switch roller system. The switching forces of the turnout are reduced.

Technical description:

  • Part of the inner stock rail fastening IBaV, integrated in the slide chair plate (separate slide chair includes the switch roller system)
  • Continuous, horizontal adjustability and vertical adjustability of the rolling device without additional components: ± 2.2 mm in steps of approx. 0.3 mm


  • Easy adjustment without special tools
  • No dismantling during superstructure work
  • Cost-effective alternative to other integrated switch roller systems
  • Improvement of position stability for high availability
  • Low maintenance efforts due to lubrication-free turnout
  • Low repair and maintenance costs due to modular support point structure