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For the fasting of rails, spring elements are frequently. For turnouts, slide chairs are mounted on the inside of the stock rails, on which the switch rails slide. In the area of these slide chairs, conventional sprig elements can not be used. The system described here represents an easy device for the flexible fastening of stock rails in the slide chair area.

The spring elements ensure a permanently elastic clamping. The creep resistance and the twisting resistance achieved meet the requirements placed on a continuously welded track.


  • Permanent elastic fastening of the stock rail
  • Good creep and twist resistance for the use in a continuously welded track
  • High stability
  • Easy and fast mounting and dismantling of the spring element
  • Pre-assembly (parked position) makes universal use, even in bottleneck areas, possible
  • Baseplate fasting can be selected, e.g.: coach screws, push-through bolts, angled guide plates
  • Long service life

The proven plate superstructure with elastic stock rail fastening ensures a permanent and secure fastening of the stock rail on bearers in ballast track. The stock rail fasting can be designed with or without elastic pads between the stock rails and the plates. The defined clamping force is achieved by the design of the plate and spring element. The slide chair has a tunnel-shaped recess, into which a specially shaped plate-like spring element “iFAST-Clip” is pushed or driven in towards the stock rail. There is a raised part on the base plate, on which the dent of the spring element locks into place and thus fixes the spring in its parked position (pre-assembly). In its installed position, this raised head secures the spring element against dislocation even in case of vibrations. By shifting the spring element towards the stock rail the spring element is strained, whereby the stock rail is flexibly held down. The holding-down force corresponds to the one of a standard fastening element.


  • Plate: Structural steel / GJS ductile iron / cast steel
  • Spring element: spring steel
  • Rail pads/ under baseplate pads: according to requirements
  • Corrosion protection: according to requirements

Technical description:

  • Meets EN13481 standard for fastening categories A, B, C, D
  • Pre-assembly of the spring elements possible
  • Spring force about 12kN/spring element