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voestalpine Digital Track Management

voestalpine Digital Track Management (DTM) is a joint venture founded in September 2021, between Boom Software AG and voestalpine Railway Systems.

The joint venture offers infrastructure management solutions (zentrak - Asset and Maintenance Management), specialized in digital track management products for track operators, component providers and service providers.



Managing Director - CEO


Managing Director - CTO

By generating a digital twin of the asset, asset and maintenance data are easily accessible to the process owners and can be retrieved location independent. This data form the basis for intelligent assistance systems, ongoing process improvements and the associated optimisation of the asset lifecycle.

Roman Bobik, CTO

Christian EHMANN

Managing Director - CFO

In asset management, as well as in business generally, information is the key in order to manage efficiently. Partnering monitoring with asset management creates crucial data-based insights to maximize asset reliability and minimize failure induced downtimes. The information provided with zentrak -Asset and Maintenance Management software will enable infrastructure providers to perform maintenance, and replacement interventions in a timely and cost efficient way.

Christian Ehmann, CFO


  • Digital asset management makes it possible to map the entire asset portfolio of the railway infrastructure. It is used to manage all asset and components, as well as their technical documentation. A uniform asset and component structure including all relevant asset and component data as well as the installation history enables a more efficient and transparent management of the assets. Furthermore, asset conditions are documented and monitored over the entire asset lifecycle with the aim of keeping the availability high and operating costs low. 

  • Maintenance management supports the digital handling of the maintenance process. It supports the monitoring and planning of preventive maintenance and inspection activities, the identification and evaluation of defects, and their transfer to corresponding maintenance, inspection and repair orders. In order management, maintenance resources such as personnel, material and operating equipment/tools are planned and tasks are forwarded to employees for execution. Maintenance technicians carry out maintenance activities and document technical results as well as resources used (working hours, material). The goal of maintenance management is the timely fulfilment of maintenance requirements, effective and rapid troubleshooting, as well as efficient and thus cost-effective use of maintenance resources. Standardised order documentation increases employee motivation and enhances traceability and transparency.

  • The software is ready-to-use software. This means, that the customer receives a pre-populated software with the purchase. The asset and component structure are already defined, but can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. Furthermore, maintenance recommendations, checklists and damage catalogues are already included in the software. 

  • The mobile application enables paperless maintenance.
    The entire order processing can be carried out on the mobile device.
    Asset data, past maintenance activities can be called up for information  and checklists can be processed and completed on track.

  • With the purchase of a voestalpine turnout, all associated asset data, manufacturer information, geometric parameters, quality documents are already included in the software and can be used immediately for further use (maintenance planning).

  • The Digital Touchpoint is a marker to clearly serialize voestalpine assets.
    By scanning the digital touchpoint, all asset and maintenance data can be called up immediately on the track. This faster access to the data facilitates the service process enormously.

  • Asset, KPI and maintenance reports can be easily exported from the software.
    These reports are designed according to your wishes.

Terms & Conditions, Facts

  • voestalpine Digital Track Management GmbH

    Waagner-Biro-Straße 84b
    8020 Graz

    Legal Form: Limited Liability Company (GmbH)

    Registered Office: Graz

    Company Registry Number: FN 563152s at the Local Court Graz
    Value Added Tax-Number: ATU77438319

  • voestalpine DTMs philosophy and quality policy focuses on the customer. We want to add value for our customers and create partnerships based on a fair price-performance ratio. We are guided by customer specifications regarding reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) and continuously improve our products in order to contribute to increased performance and safety of railway infrastructure. We live for open cooperation, teamwork and clear communication with suppliers and customers as well as on an internal basis.

    We commit ourselves to a zero defect philosophy. This does not only apply for products but literally means zero defects in all our processes and working steps that reflected in a sophisticated quality-, environment-, occupational health and safety- as well as energy management system. We comply with legal regulations. We continuously improve quality being guided by our HSEE policy.

    Skilled, motivated and result driven employees form the foundation of our enterprise. We put continuous development of our employees into the center and integrate them best possible into our processes and decisions. The optimization of our corporate image and a strengthened corporate identity support our endeavor.