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Rail Insights: Together, rail and wheel form the backbone of our railway infrastructure.

1 February 2024 | 

After the successful first video about turnouts, we, voestalpine Railway Systems, present our first "Rail Insights" video, which takes a closer look at the wheel-rail-interface.

High-tech product rail

Today, the rail is much more than a simple piece of metal. It has developed into a high-tech product, without which our world would be a very different place! The rail material is not the only focus of research and development, the rail-to-wheel contact is just as important. This small area is a highly discussed topic in the technology sector because it has significant impacts on the service life of both partners: the wheel and the rail.

How do different wheel and rail profiles influence the steering behavior of a train? How does the rolling radius difference influence wheel slipping and thus the wear of both contact partners?

How must rail materials be designed to withstand heavy load conditions and ensure smooth running and safety over long time spans?

With the help of experts, this first episode analyses and answers these questions from different perspectives.