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20 Sep 2022- 23 Sep 2022

Messe Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Germany

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InnoTrans is the leading international trade fair for transport technology and takes places every two years in Berlin. Sub-divided into the five trade fair segments Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction, InnoTrans occupies all 41 halls available at Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Visit us at booth no. 150 / hall 21b.

What to expect

Globalization, increased demand for mobility, demographic change and the loss of know-how pose many challenges for railway infrastructure operators. We, voestalpine Railway Systems, provide innovative solutions for these challenges:

  • operating status of the intelligent turnout is recorded right from the creation process and throughout its entire operation
  • digital tools analyze the data and provide a status image
  • highly funktional software tools manage and accompany the track system throughout the entire product life cycle

The ultimate benefit: uptime-optimized systems, increased availability with optimized life cycle costs. According to the experts at voestalpine Digital Track Management GmbH, modern asset management can only work if it is structured in this way.

Exhibits at our booth

    • "Smart predict" sensors
    • RML 6.0 Logger
    • Optimization of the wheel transfer in the switch device
    • Significant reinforcement of the switch width in the sensitive area
    • installed with 2 switch devices
    • Ecostar incl. INSM sensors + RML 4.0 + Spherolock + "Trogschwelle neu" (without EPD)
    • VR maintenance support of switch machines
    • UNIAC[1] offers secure and reliable wheel detection
    • UNIAC[2] is flexibly adaptable and configurable meeting highest possible levels of safety and reliability
    • 24/7 availability
    • optimization of maintenance is required to cope efficiently and safely with increasing demand
    • Up-to-date asset information enhances tools for planning and delivery of maintenance work
    • UIC number recognition
    • QR code and data matrix code capture
    • Inspection/revision data detection
    • Determination of the rim thickness
    • Panorama images and much more
    • Electro-hydraulic point machine for freight, urban and mixed traffic
    • Motor unit and DLD (drive, locking, detection) unit are split into two individual IP67 certified boxes (allows versatile installation)
    • The throw of each adjustment level can be individually adjusted
    • has already been installed over 2,500 times in 30 different countries in different climate zones
    • Combination of different materials
    • Low-wear transition area
    • Secure frictional and positive connections
    • Short assembly and installation times
    • Suitable for all rail profiles in light rail traffic
    • Use of wear resistant, difficult to weld steels in thetransition area
    • Low-wear scarf joints
    • Permanently reliable tensioning of the insert
    • Replacement of the insert without impairing thesurface
  • "Ultra high performance crossing"

    • uses forged wing blocks in the transfer region made of the low-wear material chrome bainite (CrB 1400) to bolster this highly stressed area
    • Force and form locking
    •  the design is not limited to the rail profile - this significantly increases its potential scope of application
    • Low wear
    • High availability
    • Available as Vignole and grooved versions
    • Can be used for ballasted track and on slab track
    • Universal use, regardless of the type of bridge de-sign


    • No more unpredictable malfunctions
    • UV- and chemical-resistant
    • Ideal for industrial and port areas
    • Lower life cycle costs
    • Improved track availability
    • DIGITAL - Prototyp with UNISTAR
    • Optimised wheel overrun
    • Guaranteed interchangeability
    • Can be used for curved turnouts
    • Repair and built-up welding possible without preheating
    • Suitable for all types of rail fastenings
    • Reduced maintenance expenditure, due to prehardened running surfaces
    • video loop image videos MG11, Rail Services, etc
    • evaluate all costs that arise during a product’s life cycle
    • reflect one of the most relevant criteria when purchasing new products
    • Longer durability
    • Less downtime
    • Better return on investment
    • Maximum comfort and minimal wear
    • Insulating and waterproof coating
    • Corrosion and abrasion resistance

We want to particularly convince with this networked, digital solutions at InnoTrans 2022. This know-how once again underpins the position of voestalpine Railway Systems as the leading global supplier of optimum "Performance on Track®".

We look forward to meet you!