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Electrode selection made easy with our selection guide for covered stick electrodes

18. mar 2019


The best guide for the best electrodes.

Böhler Welding has created a selection guide for stick electrodes which is a very useful tool for our customers to find the best electrode. 

Very often, only the classification is mentioned when referring to a certain electrode type – e.g. AWS 6013 or AWS 308 – not taking into consideration that there can be a huge difference between individual stick electrodes with the same AWS classification.

This selection guide assists you in choosing the best performing electrode for your specific application, within a number of very common AWS classifications covering unalloyed steel and stainless steel.

The Böhler Welding selection guide is designed as a system of plasticized fans for workshop use – similar to our Expert Guide for flux cored wires.


Use this helpful tool to select the covered stick electrodes type which fits best to your job. Free download available here!