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Up to 70% less manganese

Our diamondspark GUARD flux-cored and metal-cored wires help to protect your workplace by significantly reducing the amount of manganese in the welding fumes and helping to meet recently revised exposure limits.


UTP - Tailor-Made Protectivity

With over 70 years of experience and the broadest product portfolio in the industry, we deliver what we promise: Surface Protection tailored to your needs.



A revolutionary fully enclosed collaborative robotic cell. Flexibility, easiness of use, accessibility, best welding performance and max HSE protection set CO-BRO® GUARD apart from anything else you on the market.


TERRA NX - The Next Generation

TERRA NX is built to last, thanks to its robust design and advanced manufacturing process. Its hardware modularity and software upgrading make it highly flexible and upgradable to different materials and applications.


Evolution Vision

Our new PPE range of high quality welding helmets and powered air respiratory systems, including auto-darkening welding helmets with flip-up UHD ADF and ready to use PAPR systems for the best possible protection.


The Best for the Best - Our Product Portfolio


The CO-BRO® GUARD is a revolutionary fully enclosed collaborative robotic cell.

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility
  • Best welding performance
  • Max Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) protection

set the CO-BRO® GUARD apart from anything else in the market. Explore all the advantages and benefits.

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Our extensive High-Quality Portfolio is supported by three specialized Brands


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Why Health & Safety in Welding Matters in prepartion for the Perfect Weld Seam

Welding is a passion, and working with molten steel is a great experience. For every welder, personal protection and a safe working environment are the best preparation for creating The Perfect Weld Seam. Various safety aspects need to be considered when welding, as welders are confronted with molten steel, hot and sharp objects, UV and IR radiation, spatters from grinding and welding and of course welding fume emissions. 

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Welding Health & Safety Standards: Interview with Martin Peruzzi

In a recent exclusive interview, voestalpine Böhler Welding's Chief Technical Officer, Martin Peruzzi, provides in-depth insights into the central role of health and safety in the welding industry. He reveals how the company is responding to the ever-increasing health and safety demands of the market. Join us as we delve into the details and background of these evolving standards.

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CO-BRO® GUARD: Revolutionizing Colloborative Robotic Cell

In today's dynamic industrial landscape, innovation is the cornerstone of progress. At Böhler Welding, we're proud to introduce our latest game changer, the CO-BRO® GUARD – a revolutionary, fully enclosed collaborative robotic cell. This innovative system is designed to deliver flexibility, ease of use, optimum welding performance and maximum health, safety and environmental protection, making it a true industry leader.

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