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Böhler Welding invests in long-term research and development to identify and perfect new solutions for improving the performance and quality of its equipment. An advanced portfolio with technologies and services for improving the efficiency and the productivity of industrial welding processes.


weld@Net Production Monitor is a software system for networking Böhler Welding power sources. It connects power sources over a standard Ethernet network, permits the simultaneous management of multiple power sources (virtually no limit on number), and acquires information on the welding process and the power sources. weld@Net software can be installed on any networked computer running the Windows operating system. The software works with manual, automatic and even robotic welding systems. Each power source has a dedicated interface to connect to the network. Each power source also has its own unique IP address. All welding process parameters can be displayed on the PC in clear intuitive screens. Measured values (voltage/current etc.) are displayed in real time graphically and numerically.

Weld@Net Production Control Monitor software provides the same system functionalities as Production Monitor software, with the addition of bidirectional communications for the control of complete welding systems from a single terminal. This software lets you set the welding parameters of all the power sources in the network directly from your PC.

One of the most important features of Weld@Net Production Monitor and Weld@Net Production Control Monitor is the advanced reporting and cost monitoring system included in both programs to help calculate and verify the quality, efficiency and productivity of your welding system. This functionality is also extremely useful when certifications (e.g. WPS) have to be produced after welding work has been completed, and when a welding process has to be covered by a quality system.

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EN1090 Program

All fabricators of steel structures will have to CE mark their products in compliance with EN standard 1090-2.

In order to simplify the certification process, we offer you a chance to purchase a special 1090 version of URANOS NX PME/GSM welding power source with welding procedures conforming to EN standard 1090-2 already incorporated. These procedures refer to the most common execution conditions (EN 1090-2, Table 12, Execution Class EXC2) and cover the needs of most normal welding in the field of structural fabrication.

Industry 4.0 Program

All fabricators of steel structures will have to CE mark their products in compliance with EN standard 1090-2.

We design, develop and produce complete systems for industrial welding. All components of the system, programs and welding processes, power units, peripheral units such as wire feeders and cooling units, accessories and interfaces are designed and built to communicate to each other and become a single efficient equipment in the hands of our customer. Each parameter and value is monitored in a simple and intuitive way and can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the network.

At the heart of our 4.0 Industry proposal is the advanced Weld@Net system for the control and management of industrial welding (both manual and automatic), integrated by a complete set of interfaces, remote controls and accessories.

  • Complete welding system Industry 4.0
  • Industry 4.0 conformity certified ICIM
  • Integrate the system Weld@Net
  • Total and reliable interconnection
  • Integration with corporate ERP / MES and Wi-Fi networks

Böhler Welding 5 Years Warranty Program


Böhler Welding machines are covered by a five-year warranty (requires registration), giving customers the peace of mind of knowing that they have purchased a high-quality power source.

Robust, reliable design and regular maintenance - guarantees a long product life cycle.

You need a five-year warranty for your machine? No problem. Simply fill out the warranty form and we will send you a warranty confirmation.

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