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General construction refers to any construction activity related to steel infrastructure for construction and thus covers a very wide range of applications. General construction mainly includes a wide range of frames and beams of various types and shapes for buildings and bridges. In the vast majority of cases, C-Mn steels such as S 235 to S460 grades are used, but this is also a typical application for weather-resistant steels. Of course, structures can also be made from other metal alloys such as aluminum and stainless steel. Typical thicknesses range from medium to heavy, making productivity combined with excellent quality a key factor.

Böhler Welding offers the right solution for every application in general construction; our well-known and proven quality is the key to reducing manufacturing costs and ensuring structural safety.

  • Construction site: A complete portfolio of easy-to-use stick electrodes with low hydrogen content and excellent weld quality as well as self-shielded flux cored wires are available. For SMAW welding we recommend our TERRA 270 RC and TERRA 350 RC.

  • In-shop fabrication: Böhler Welding offers a combination of excellent wires and high-speed fluxes for SAW, including the highly productive flux cored wires from the diamondspark HP series.

  • Positional welding: Böhler Welding offers seamless low-hydrogen rutile flux cored wires that feature excellent operability, large weldability window and self-releasing slag, minimizing post-weld cleaning.

  • GMAW: We offer high quality solid wires for mechanized applications, including the cooper-free ECOspark, and seamless metal cored wires diamondspark to further enhance the deposition rate with low level of silica islands and oxides above the deposited weld bead. This reduces the amount of labor required or post-processing or potential quality issues that might arise, especially in the case of multi-pass techniques for greater plate thicknesses. The preferred choices in most of the MIG-MAG applications can be found in the new generation of welding equipment TERRA NX heavy duty cycle (size 400 and 500), TERRA NX 400 MSE / TERRA NX 500 MSE (non-pulsed) and TERRA NX 400 PME / TERRA NX 500 PME (pulsed).

All the above-mentioned welding consumables are also supplied in bulk packaging to meet these industry requirements.

If you need to weld long seams, we recommend our flexible and versatile MIG-MAG welding carriages wheelRunner and railRunner. Frames, beams and other components, can be welded with these devices both on-site and in the workshop with great efficiency and productivity.

The benefits of railRunner and wheelRunner:

  • Fast set-up – easier installation and positioning
  • Single interface concept – welding process and movement are on a single control panel.
  • Safety at the working place – high voltage power-feed is away from the workplace
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