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The yellow and green goods industry has a very wide range of applications, ranging from robot-controlled welding of high wall thicknesses for parts made of high-strength and thin steel such as arms, booms and framesto automated welding of cabins or exhaust systems. In addition to the manufacture of new parts, yellow and green goods also need to be maintained and repaired. voestalpine Böhler Welding offers a wide range of products and solutions that meet the requirements of our customers in this industry.

A typical application is the robotic welding of parts with large wall thicknesses such as arms, booms, frames and buckets. These large-sized parts, mostly made of structural steel, can have wall thicknesses of up to 30 mm and more. Due to the size of the parts, dimension tolerances often occur. Robots are often used that operate with MAG processes with high application (multiple arc) and very high welding currents. Since the seams are very long, the arc time is very high. The parts are placed in the most favorable position so that as much as possible can be welded in one pass. Since the parts are very large, dimensional tolerances can occur, which makes variable air gap bridging important. The quality of the weld is very high, both the mechanical characteristics and the bead appearance are important, especially if they are visible.


    We have the right solution to ensure a very high deposit rate and thus maximum productivity, to ensure the reliability of the process and to generate a stable arc even with a variable air gap. The use of our suitable welding consumables and large-volume packaging reduces downtime, e.g. due to the replacement of wear parts. The quality of the weld (mechanical characteristics, penetration shape, weld bead appearance) is excellent. Thanks to the low spatter level and very low amount of silicates, only minimal cleaning is required  post weld and in the interpass phase.

    We also have the ideal solution for cabin welding, where the challenges are of different nature: robotic welding of multiple short welds on thin structural steel. In addition to a stable arc and low spatter level, fast ignition and re-ignition of the arc and perfect wire feeding without tangling are crucial.

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