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diamondspark GUARD: Increasing Health & Safety in Your Workspace

2 January 2024 | 

New GUARD flux cored wire range ensures your health & safety. Böhler Welding has developed a product range that is not only safer for welders, but also delivers The Perfect Weld Seam.

When it comes to health & safety requirements, trust Böhler Welding to GUARD your employees. The new diamondspark GUARD portfolio has been developed to meet the stricter health & safety requirements for welders and their co-workers. Our diamondspark GUARD flux-cored and metal-cored wires help to protect your workplace by significantly reducing the amount of manganese in the welding fumes and assist in meeting recently revised exposure limits.

diamondspark GUARD 420 RC

diamondspark GUARD 420 RC design criteria helps to maintain the same level of welding productivity and welding performance of conventional diamondspark flux-cored wires with a substantial reduction of Mn present in the welding fume.

Features include:

  • good weldability in all positions with high performance welding speed
  • very low spatter losses
  • good bead appearance
  • fast freezing and easy to remove slag
  • low hydrogen content (< 4 ml/100 g deposit) in the weld deposit

Typical applications of diamondspark GUARD 420 RC include general steel constructions and shipbuilding.

diamondspark GUARD 420 MC

diamondspark GUARD 420 MC is the latest technology in seamless metal-cored wires developed by Böhler Welding and due to its innovative chemistry, produces less than 60% of manganese in the welding fumes (mg/s) when compared to traditional metal-cored wires.

Features include:

  • high resistance to porosity
  • good wettablity
  • low hydrogen content (< 2 ml/100 g deposit) in the weld deposit

This product is ideal for high productivity horizontal and flat positional welding. Typical applications of diamondspark GUARD 420 MC include general steel constructions, earth moving and road construction machinery.

Achieve The Perfect Weld Seam with diamondspark GUARD flux-cored and metal-cored wires. Discover more details by visiting our page dedicated to gas-shielded flux-cored wires, or simply download our comprehensive factsheets for diamondspark GUARD 420 RC and diamondspark GUARD 420 MC for in-depth insights.

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