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  • weldNet® Equipment Configurator
    The perfect combination of welding machines, welding programs and accessories.

weldNet® Equipment Configurator - The smart Way of Welding

The weldNet® Equipment Configurator combines many useful functionalities. On the one hand, it provides a compact overview of all of the existing Terra and Uranos welding machines from Böhler Welding. On the other hand, it is very easy to compile lists that can then be used for the ordering process in our web shop. But above all, our customers can easily configure their welding machine according to their requirements and applications. This makes every welding machine truly unique.

With the weldNet® Equipment Configurator, you now have the possibility of assembling your welding machine with all components required, individually and at any time. In addition to the appropriate power source, the complete package consists of welding torch, cooling, wire feed, carriage and other accessories, right up to the correct welding programs.

Registered users have the possibility of saving their configurations, recalling them, adjusting them and finally transferring them into order lists for the purchase process.

The main Customer Benefits of weldNet® Equipment Configurator

Perfectly combined: 

We bring together what belongs together. You can be sure that the optimum and, above all, appropriate combination of the components described will be made. 

Search, find, buy:

In the free product search, you will not only find the right product, you will also be able to combine all of the individual components required in an order list. You can also add your saved configurations to this list at any time.

No time? No problem: 

Maximum flexibility for our users.  The equipment configurator is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of location, time or device.

You have the choice:

Do you prefer a guided configuration based on clear parameters and a previously defined "if-then logic"? Or would you prefer a completely free product search? The weldNet Equipment Configurator has both options ready for you.