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  • weldNet® Material Manager
    From the base material to the perfect weld seam: We turn welding into a digital experience.

weldNet® Material Manager - The digital Material and Filler Metal Database from voestalpine Böhler Welding

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. This also applies to the welding industry. Even though this change will bring some upheaval, we also see opportunities for our industry.

Material Manager


Good to know:

  • The weldNet® Material Manager marks the beginning of a new product family that includes digital applications and that will keep growing in the coming years.
  • Having access to the constantly up-to-date material database and the welding consumables portfolio of Böhler Welding - is what the new digital application stands for.
  • As of now, the weldNet® Material Manager offers even more service, the best support and perfect navigation "around the clock".

The weldNet® Material Manager in Figures

  • Access to more than 35,000 base materials, more than 24,000 of which have a chemical analysis included
  • Access to more than 2,200 DIN, EN ISO & AWS standard titles including their validity and issue dates
  • Access to Böhler Welding's extensive filler material portfolio

The main Customer Benefits of weldNet® Material Manager

INDIVIDUAL: the information you need to find the right application, depending on your specific requirements.
SUPPORTIVE: Filler metal recommendations for a wide range of weldable steels and nickel-based alloys.
AVAILABLE: 24/7, 365 days a year
INDEPENDENT: Use it with any technical end device (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone) via the internet.
RELIABLE: High-qualtiy results thanks to intelligent searching in continuously updated databases.
FAST: Display of search results in real time.

How it works

Thanks to its diversity of information, the weldNet® Material Manager has numerous applications. Just take a look at this example.

  1. You have a special welding task. You have an old WPS, which contains a lot of information (e.g., material designations & standard titles), but it has become redundant.
  2. To identify the appropriate filler metal, enter the material designation given in the outdated WPS into the weldNet® Material Manager.
  3. The weldNet® Material Manager checks the input data, provides you with the result in real time and compiles the image. The correct filler metal for the specific material and the currently valid standard title are clear.

The Choice is yours - The weldNet® Material Manager is available in two Versions

FREE: For a no-obligation trial

 Do you want to test the weldNet® Material Manager first to get an idea of what's possible? No Problem.

The FREE VERSION gives you limited access to the material database, but full access to our filler metal data.

You can also view AWS/EN standard classifications as along with approvals for Böhler Welding welding consumables.


PREMIUM: When you need just a bit more

For full use, we recommend PREMIUM ACCESS.

This is the only way you can enjoy all the benefits of weldNet® Material Manager.

Some key perks are direct access to the voestalpine Böhler Welding material database, the assignment of standard and material and the display of welding recommendations for creating a WPS.