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  • Pipeline Orbital
    JOIN! The Full Welding Solution for pipeline orbital welding.

High-Quality and Productivity Pipeline Orbital Welding with Flux-cored Wires

Nowadays, high-quality pipeline girth welds with outstanding material properties in combination with time and material savings and low repairing rate are key success factors for pipeline contractors. We meet all these demands with our pipeRunner® orbital system. It is the perfect combination for pipeline orbital welding.

Further convince yourself of the

  • higher productivity
  • reduced downtime
  • fine-tuning, aimed at minimizing NDT indication and achieving 0% repairing rate
  • easy and fast set up
  • light weight design
  • easy to program and operate properties
  • proof of heavy duty cycles and harsh environments
  • user friendly remote control
  • excellent welding characteristics of flux cored wires
  • low risk of hydrogen delayed cracking and wormholes

Optimized High-Productivity Pipeline Welding

  • Perfect pipeline girth welds with consistent mechanical properties, coupled with high productivity and low repair rates is the key to being successful in the pipeline industry.
  • Böhler Welding's high productivity orbital welding solution, which guarantees highly repeatable quality welds with reduced downtime, offers great benefits to every pipeline contractor.

In addition, our solution minimizes the repairing rate, thanks to the fine-tuning of our high quality diamondspark flux cored wires with the movements and wire feeding precision offered by the pipeRunner® and the perfect electric arc performance of TERRA 400 PRM.

An example of a focus application: Our Full Welding Solution is ideal for pipeline contractors who want to introduce mechanization into their welding processes with a limited investment. 



  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly
  • No need of narrow gap preparation
  • Site beveling machine and internal clamp not necessary

See our pipeRunner® in Action

Root and hot manual - fills and caps mechanized 

Get the perfect results with our Böhler Welding consumables. Manually welding the root and hot pass with SMAW/GTAW and GMAW, and then welding the fills and cap layers mechanically with our pipeRunner® and diamondspark flux cored wires for pipeline welding.

Perfect weld in five layers on pipe grade API 5L X 70: Root-Hot SMAW and fills and cap with pipeRunner®

Welding sequence for pipe grade API 5L x 70:
  • Diameter: 910 mm (36'')
  • Wall thickness: 15.0 mm
  • Root pass: Böhler FOX CEL (E6010)
  • Hot pass: Böhler FOX CEL 80-P (E8010-P1)
  • Fill layers and cap layer: diamondspark X70 RC-Pipe (E91T1-K2M-JH4)


Outstanding Results
  • High productivity perfect bead-shape
  • Easy slog removal
  • Zero indications during non destructive testing
  • Savings compared to a full cellulosic SMAW procedure:
    • Arc time: 51%
    • Total time including line-up: 66%
    • Materials saving in weight: 46%
Pipeline Application

pipeRunner® has also been used also in clad pipeline applications. Clad pipes have been successfully welded with pipeRunner® and our all-positional alloy 625 flux cored wire FoxCore 625-T1. pipeRunner® is definitely an optimal solution for high-alloys pipeworks and clad pipeline as well.

Fill layer
Cap layer

TERRA 400 PRM Pipeline Version

TERRA 400 PRM Pipeline Version

The TERRA 400 PRM pipeline version is a robust and reliable three-phase new generation multi-process inverter power source. In order to suit the needs for orbital pipeline welding and to perform root and hot pass by manual or semi-automatic welding, the TERRA 400 PRM is equipped with a special display to manage all of the welding processes, the special remote control RC 100 MP is specifically designed for pipeline jobsites.

More information
    • High power at 100% of duty cycle, ideal for heavy duty services
    • High temperature, shockproof, abrasion-resistant plastic case
    • Air flow ducting and fully encapsulated PC board to avoid dust contamination
    • Index of protection IP23S means the highest level of safety in outdoor use, even in bad weather conditions
    • Special electronics resistant to extreme temperatures
    • Excellent performance with long power supply extension cables of up to 30m
    • Built-in adjustable arc control features (hot start, arc force, anti-sticking)
    • Current socket (panel) 50/70 mm²
    • Inverter modulation allowing welders to easily strike-on cellulosic stick electrodes regardless of Open Circuit Voltage (OCV).
    • Diesel engine generator compatible.
  • Adjustment range 3 A - 400 A
    Duty cycle MIG/MAG 10min/40°C 50% - 400 A
    60% - 360 A
    100% - 340 A
    Duty cycle MIG/MAG 10min/25°C 80% - 400 A
    100% - 360 A
    • Multi-process 
      • GMAW/FCAW with pipeRunner
      • SMAW
      • TIG - Lift
    • Comprehensive display on the equipment body
    • Appropriate for heavy-duty operations with flux-cored wires
    • Remote control RC 100 MP specifically designed for pipeline jobsites for manual operations and for voltage control with the pipeRunner


pipeRunner® is a state-of-art programmable mechanized MIG/MAG orbital system designed for pipeline and process piping girth welds. 



    • High Tech
      • Components own design made in Germany; all components are premium products specifically designed to optimize the system
      • Intelligent intuitive and logical arrangement of all operating elements (e.g. torch positioner, spool-holder, release lever, etc..)
      • Electronics fully on-board
      • Light-weight, at only 14 kg the pipeRunner is one of the lightest welding bugs on the market
      • Electric motors are top-quality, DC brushless
      • Modular and upgradable
      • Designed for vertical up FCAW welding, but also enabled for vertical down with GMAW (e.g. root pass)
      • One device for CW clockwise and CCW counterclockwise
      • Easy to operate: easy and comprehensive remote control with all functions in one hand
        • Welding programs
        • Torch movements
        • Oscillation width
        • Wire speed
        • Travel speed
        • Testing functions
      • Easy to program:
        • Software is already included and can work on any PC; heavy duty tablet is optional
        • Up to 11 different passes can be programmed
        • Metric and Imperial units
      • Light and easy to handle
      • 4-handle aluminum spaceframe allows for ergonomic, comfortable transport and handling in any position
      • Optimized distribution of the weight and center of mass makes the unit particularly easy to handle compared to conventional bugs; can be handled like a suitcase and is protected by its aluminum-welded frame
      • Sensible parts (i.e. the adjustable welding torch) are mounted on the upper part of the frame
      • The wire feeding unit also works as an integrated pedestal on the opposite part of the frame, assuring a comfortable, stable maintenance position
      • Easy to transport - thanks to the high-quality box and suitcase


    • Horizontal torch movement 65 mm (2.56 inch)
      Vertical torch movement 30 mm
      Oscillating width 0-60 mm (0-2.36 inch)
      Torch head inclination ± 25°
      Oscillation speed 0-350 cm/min (0-138 inch/min)
      Travel speed 0-1.6 m/min (0-63 inch/min)
      Wire diameter 1.0 - 1.6 mm
      Oscillation weld time Individually adjustable
      Weight 14 kg w/o spool
      Dimensions 480x400x260 mm (19x16x10 inch)
      Maximum wire feed speed 19 m/min (75 inch/min)
      Maximum welding current 300A/100% (CO2)

    diamondspark FCAW Portfolio for Pipeline Welding

    Our diamondspark seamless flux cored wires are the perfect combination with our welding equipment TERRA 400 PRM and pipeRunner® for orbital pipeline welding. Our seamless design allows a low content of diffusible hydrogen, no moisture pick up in storage and handling, consequently a low risk of hydrogen delayed cracking and wormholes. Our diamondspark X RC Pipe product range is copper coated with excellent current transfer and less contact tip wear.  Our flux cored wires are known for great feedability with increased arc time and no wire break.

    The special recipe optimized for pipeline welding also guarantees thick slag to support the welding pool in uphill progression and easy slag detachability. Pipeline dedicated formulas further improve the weld metal mechanical properties, maintaining high toughness also when applying high productivity welding procedures. diamondspark X RC Pipe is also suitable for sour service and is NACE compliant up to the X70 grade (in this latter case with diamondspark X70 RC-Pipe (N))

    diamondspark FCAW Portfolio for Pipeline Welding

    Product Name EN CLASSIFICATION AWS CLASSIFICATION Product Data Sheet - DE Product Data Sheet - EN Safety Data Sheet - DE Safety Data Sheet - EN
    diamondspark X60 RC-Pipe T50 6 1Ni P M21 1 H5 E81T1-Ni1M-JH4
    diamondspark X70 RC-Pipe T55 5 Mn1,5Ni P M21 1 H5 E91T1-K2M-JH4
    diamondspark X70 RC-Pipe (N) T55 6 Z P M21 1 H5 E91T1-GM-JH4
    diamondspark X80 RC-Pipe T62 4 Mn1.5Ni P M21 1 H5 E101T1-K2M-JH4
    diamondspark X60 RC-Pipe T50 6 1Ni P M21 1 H5 E81T1-Ni1M-JH4
    diamondspark X70 RC-Pipe T55 5 Mn1,5Ni P M21 1 H5 E91T1-K2M-JH4
    diamondspark X70 RC-Pipe (N) T55 6 Z P M21 1 H5 E91T1-GM-JH4
    diamondspark X80 RC-Pipe T62 4 Mn1.5Ni P M21 1 H5 E101T1-K2M-JH4

    Personal Protection & Accessories

    One of the most important aspects in the welding process is the protection of the welder. Which is why voestalpine Böhler Welding created the new personal protection and accessories line.

    The products reflect our high-quality demands and give welders the protection and the tools they need. Helmets such as theGuardian 62 Complete and Guardian 62F Air Complete, gloves, glasses and clothes are ideal for the pipeline jobsite. Additionally, we provide a full range of electrode holders and ground clamps.

    More information

    weldTECH Application Services

    For voestalpine Böhler Welding, being a Full Welding Solutions provider means acting as a partner for pipeline contractors through the weldTECH Application Services, which include a team of welding engineers experienced in pipeline construction.

    weldTECH Application Services