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  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    As a passionate developer of innovative products we are the ideal partner and solution provider for safe welding.

The Best Personal Protection for the Best Welders

Personal safety in the workplace is becoming increasingly important, driven by the HSE (Health & Safety Executives). These ever changing standards and regulations mean that we need to ensure that we provide the latest protection to meet these requirements. These legal requirements for employers and employees to use PPE are there to protect us. Health has to be our number one priority and Personal Protective Equipment is the last line of defence against welding and grinding injuries. For every danger there is a solution! Therefore voestalpine Böhler Welding developed a personal protection line consisting of welding helmets & grinding visors, respiratory systems, welding gloves, welding apparel and eyewear. These products reflect our high quality demands and give the welders the protection they need.

As a renowned welding specialist, we deal with the potential risk factors of welding on a daily basis and understand the importance of personal protection. That is why we have introduced protective equipment that not only offers the best possible protection, but is also comfortable and affordable, to ensure that the people who work for and with us are protected in the best possible way.