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Stick electrodes for stainless steel: heat resistant

24. 十月 2017

Böhler Welding stick electrodes.
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We provide every kind of stick electrodes you need and our electrodes are always easy to handle, with good ignitability and stable arc. For perfect and long lasting results.

The most commonly used heat resistant stick electrodes for stainless steels are listed here.



Characteristics and typical fields of application



Basic electrode core wire alloyed for welding heat resistant steels. For furnaces requiring elevated resistance to reducing and oxidizing sulphurous gases as well as for final passes of weld joints in heat resistant, ferritic CrSiAl steels. Scaling resistant up to +1100 °C.


Avesta 309 AC/DC

Avesta 309 AC/DC is a 309 type with high carbon content. This type is usually used for creep resistant and high temperature resistant steels such as ASTM 309S or for dissimilar joints. Also suitable for surfacing on unalloyed steels. The weld metal is suitable for high temperature applications up to 1000 °C.



Rutile electrode, core wire alloyed for analogous, heat resisting rolled steels e.g. in annealing shops, hardening shops, steam boiler construction, the crude oil industry and the ceramics industry. In weld joints exposed to sulphurous gases the final layer has to be deposited by means of FOX FA. Smooth beads and easy slag removal. Scaling resistance up to +1200 °C. The temperature range between +650 and +900 °C should be avoided owing to the risk of embrittlement. Thick-walled welds to be carried out by means of the basic electrode FOX FFB.


Avesta 310

Avesta 310 is designed for welding of high temperature stainless steel 1.4845 / ASTM 310S and similar types. To minimize the risk of hot cracking when welding fully austenitic steels like that heat input and interpass temperature must be low and there must be as little dilution as possible from the parent metal. Primary intended for high temperature applications.


Thermanit 21/33 So

Heat resistant up to 1050 °C (1922 °F). Good resistance to carburizing atmospheres. For joining and surfacing applications with matching / similar heat resistant steels/cast steel grades.



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