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12. 九月 2017

Live Demonstrations & Highlights


As a globally active supplier in the field of joint welding, Böhler Welding offers its customers the best solutions and products for demanding welding tasks. Convince yourself of our successful joining solutions in our live demonstrations:

  • Laser-sealed cored wires with ultra-low weld metal hydrogen content for the robotic and mechanized welding of (ultra) high strength steel.
    In our Live Demonstration: Flux cored wire „Alform 700 L-MC“
  • A focus on stainless steel pipe welding with stick electrodes and flux cored wires for austenitic and duplex grades.
    In our Live Demonstration: 
    Cored wires „BÖHLER EAS 2 PW-FD 1.2 mm”, “BÖHLER E 347 H PW-FD 1.2 mm“
    MIG wires „BÖHLER EAS 2-IG“
    TIG rods „Avesta 2205 2.0 x 1000“
    Stick electrodes „Avesta 2205“, „Avesta 2205 basic“, „Avesta 2205-PW AC/DC“
  • A new generation finishing chemicals for the cleaning, pickling and passivation of stainless steel and nickel-base alloys, along with the expertise to prolong the life span of equipment. 
    In our Exhibition:
    Pickling Paste 101
    Pickling Gel 122
    BlueOne Pickling Paste 130
    RedOne Pickling Paste 140 
    RedOne Pickling Spray 240
    Cleaner 401
    FinishOne 630
    Pickle Pump SP 25


In the fields of repair, hardfacing and cladding, UTP Maintenance offers unique solutions that have been developed together with customers and partners and successfully proven in practice, as you will see in our Live Demonstrations:

  • New, cost-efficient weld overlay solutions for the repair of worn continuous casting rolls in steel production. 
    In our Live Demonstration: Metal cored wires „SK 768-G“, „SK 743 N-SK
  • SMAW / MMA solutions for the hard facing of components subjected to complex wear mechanisms, for the joining and surfacing of cast iron and for the repair of tool steel.
    In our Live Demonstration: Stick electrodes „UTP CELSIT 721”, “UTP 86 FN“, „UTP 73 G 2“, „UTP BMC“


Fontargen Brazing has made excellent consulting and support its standard. Customers with both local and global requirements receive high-quality consumables for all common soldering and brazing methods. Experience our In-Depth Know-How in our Live Demonstrations: 

The automated flame brazing of aluminum components. 
In our Live Demonstration:
Brazing alloys „A 407 L“, „A 407 L Rg“ 
Flux „F 400 MD“


Don't miss one of our highlights on monday:

Welding is going to be brilliant – The No. 1 of laser sealed cored wires

  • Presentation of the new generation of seamless cored wires manufactured with laser technology.
  • Product features and advantages by using seamless cored wires 
  • Welding of high strength components with this new generation of seamless cored wires


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