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Böhler Arc - Quality label for the perfect welding result

18. 八月 2014

Our mission is to become a Full Welding Solution Provider. The solution results in the Lasting Connection, not only as a weld seam, but also as a reliable and stable partnership.

To ensure both and build trust in what we do, we developed the synergic lines for a perfect combination of Welding EQuipment and Consumables. All this leads to our quality label for the perfect welding result, the Böhler Arc.

Böhler Arc describes the reliability for a perfect weld seam with the best possible quality. This quality is guaranteed when the best combination of equipment and consumable united in our synergic lines is used for any application.

Improvement of the welding quality:

  • Safe penetration
  • Reduction of the heat-affected zone
  • Low-spatter Welding

Increase of productivity:

  • Increase of welding speed (depending on application up to 50%)
  • Higher deposition rates
  • Reduction of Welding time & Costs

Our synergic lines as a part of the Böhler Arc:

  • All parameters are created and tested for best Welding results
  • The welder selects the appropriate synergic line and starts welding
  • Repeatability and constant Quality

Böhler Arc Processes and Technologies

Weld@Net: Click here for more information

Green@wave: Click here for more information

Welding processes:

  • ArcDive The evolution of MIG/MAG
  • RapiDeep 2.0 Faster than ever. Click here for more information
  • PulsDrive The digital MIG/MAG
  • QuickPulse 2.0 Getting faster. Click here for more information
  • CladPulse Specially developed for the cladding professional
  • EasyArc Intelligent Evolution in TIG Welding. Click here for more Information

Be proud of your weld seam and experience the Böhler Arc.