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Diamondspark - Discover the ultimate benefits

8. Ago 2018

With our Diamondspark product range we offer highest quality wires manufactured in Europe – from seamless tubular to the brand new laser sealed types: premium seamless cored wires. 

Especially their exceptional product features make the Diamondspark wires the future of seamless cored wires. They offer the superior weldability of a folded wire with all the advantages of a seamless wire:

  • Extremely low hydrogen content and higher resistance to humidity
  • Higher efficency and productivity
  • Less downtime for maintenance
  • No weld cleaning
  • High flexibility in welding parameters
  • Easy, stable welding

More information on how the Diamondspark wires are produces and how those advantages are achieved can be found in our Diamondspark-Brochure!