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voestalpine VAE Middle East (Railways)

Building and operation railroads in desert areas such as those of the Middle East region requires special considerations regarding the prevailing harsh environmental conditions, such as sand, sand accumulations, sand-storms, dust, heat and the high corrosive and aggressive ambiance in coastal regions.

Without technical mitigation measures these harsh environmental conditions are immediate safety matters, they affect the railway operations and they hamper serviceability and reliability of such railroads. And hence, only distinct technical solutions, specially engineered track component designs – all proven under such harsh environmental conditions – will ensure a safe, efficient and reliable railway system and operation.

With decades of experience in the desert areas of the MENA region and the technical proficiency as a world market leader, voestalpine VAE has developed most reliable and renowned product solutions to cope with these harsh environmental conditions, thus to ensure the safety, reliability, availability and maintainability of our clients’ railway networks in the middle East.

With our local sales office in Dubai, UAE and our local production plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia we have the principle aim to serve this regional and emerging railway market, to provide our customers with a direct and local support and quicker response times for an improved experience.

Dubai Regional Sales Office GCC

P.O. Box 262840, Jebel Ali Free Zone,
South Zone # 3, Showroom No. S3A2SR04
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
T. 971 (0)4 8870 704-127
F. 971 (0)4 8870 705

Mr. Johann Kollmann
Mob: 43 (664) 8361657

voestalpine Track Solutions Saudi Arabia LLC
Turnout Production Plant

voestalpine TSSA Head office:
Malaz, 2509 Nori street, 6747
Riyadh 12836, Saudi Arabia
T./F. 966 112 148 996

voestalpine TSSA Turnouts Factory:
2nd Industrial Zone, New Kharj Road, Exit 13
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mr. Mario Roznak
General Manager
M. 966 (0) 556654992

We are your integrated engineering and manufacturing source for turnout solutions. We offer: 

  • Early stage design and engineering support
  • Custom-design and manufacturing of turnouts and permanent way components
  • Local production of turnouts at voestalpine TSSA facility in Saudi Arabia to better support regional customers
  • Just-in-time delivery of fully assembled turnouts to construction / installation sites
  • On-site installation of turnouts and turnout components on a just-in-time basis
  • Commissioning services and supervision of site installation for turnouts 
  • Inspection & maintenance services for all turnouts and turnout components
  • Training of local maintenance and operation staff
  • Permanent (long-term) service option for all voestalpine components
  • Remotely operated fixed infrastructure asset and rolling stock diagnostic systems 
  • Repair weld of rail surfaces and manganese crossings
  • Signalling Solutions for industrial railways, yards, workshops, stations, etc.