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Areas of application

Our high-strength, water-quenched aldur® steels are used wherever weight savings and operating safety are in demand at low temperatures. Examples are welded structures under high levels of stress in crane and vehicle construction, in mining equipment and pressure piping. We also supply hot-formed chords for jack-up rigs and lift boats in offshore applications.


  • Weight savings are achieved through high strength in conventional structural steels that lead to higher useful loads in crane and vehicle construction and less expensive structures. 
  • Excellent weldability results from low C equivalents with high cold cracking resistance in the heat-affected zone, lower preheating temperatures. High levels of component safety are achieved by toughness in the welded joint.

Steel grades: Special voestalpine grade 
  • aldur 500 Q, QL, QL1 
  • aldur 550 Q, QL, QL1 
  • aldur 620 Q, QL, QL1 
  • aldur 700 Q, QL, QL1 
  • aldur 900 Q, QL 
  • aldur 960 Q, QL 
Dimensions: Plate thickness: 
  • for aldur 500-700 Q, QL, QL1: 12-110 mm 
  • for aldur 900 Q, QL: 30-60 mm 
  • for aldur 960 Q, QL: 30-50 mm 
Plate width: 
  • for aldur 500 and 550 Q, QL, QL1: 3,800 mm max. 
  • for aldur 620 and 700 Q, QL, QL1: 3,000 mm max. for d = 12–20 mm 3,800 mm max. for d = 20–100 mm 
  • for aldur 900 and 960 Q, QL: 2,500 mm max. 
Plate length: 
  • 13,200 mm max. for aldur 700 Q, QL, QL1 16,000 mm max. for d = 12-30 mm 
 Ordered weight: 
  •  At least 20 tons per line item Unit weight: 14.8 tons max. per single plate 

Toughness: Three grade categories are available: 

  • Base grade Q    –20 °C (Design temperature)
  • Cryogenic grade QL    –40 °C 
  • Special cryogenic grade QL1    –60 °C

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