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Plate-Integrated Roller System H-Piroll

Height-adjustable roller system for switch assembly „H-Piroll“

H-PIROLL (plate-integrated roller system) is a roller system for turnout switch assemblies, that eliminates the need for high-effort cleaning and lubrication of the slide plates in the switch assembly area.

The “voestalpine H-PIROLL” system thus completely meets customer needs and demands for less maintenance and improved environmental protection.


  • No components in the sleeper compartment (roller cassettes mounted on the plates)
  • No obstruction during sleeper tamping work
  • Can be pre-assembled in the switch assembly
  • No maintenance (lubrication of the sliding chair plates), the rollers don’t need any lubrication either!
  • Rolling friction instead of sliding friction
  • Reduction of the setting forces
  • When the train passes, the switch blade rests on the sliding chairs
  • Easily replace individual rollers or the entire roller cassette
  • No freezing of the slide bearings on the axles (sealed slide bearings)
  • Easy horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Height adjustable

“voestalpine H-PIROLL” is a roller system integrated in the plates of the switch assembly. The roller cassettes are mounted on the plates next to the sliding chairs on the plates and is designed in such a way that the switch blade is slightly lifted off the sliding plates during the setting movement and rolls off the rollers during the movement. All roller types are height adjustable from -1 mm to 6 mm. The closed switch blade always rests on the sliding chair of the plates and not on the rollers (the open switch blade, that is not used by the train rests on the rollers). The height of the rollers can be individually adjusted by means of a tappet eccentric pin. A captive pre-setting of the height of the rollers is also possible using two fixing bolts. 


  • Roller: Steel 

Technical attributes: 

  • Plate-integrated roller system for switch assembly