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Renewal of Hungarian Railway Station Miskolc-Tiszai

22 August 2022 | 

VAMAV LLC manufactured 18 assembled unit for Miskolc-Tiszai railway station. Manufacturing turnouts is one of the core competencies of VAMAV LLC, as well as on-site support.

2021: tender for the purchase of various single and double slip turnouts

In 2021, MÁV Hungarian State Railways PLC issued a tender for the purchase of various single and double slip turnouts, which would be installed at several important railway stations. In terms of volume and technical content Miskolc-Tiszai railway station was one of the most important. Manufacture of superstructures have been established in 2021-2022 and were installed in 2022.

Delivery by VAMAV LCC

VAMAV LLC manufactured 4 pcs. single turnouts, 11 pcs. double slip turnouts and 3 pcs. scissors crossings. Altogether 18 assembled units for Miskolc-Tiszai railway station got manufactured. The installation was performed by MÁV FKG LLC. The turnouts and crossings were delivered to the installation, site pre-assembled on WTW special tilt wagons and lifted with a heavy-duty, self-propelled KIROW KRC 1220 rail crane. For the commissioning and adjustment of the turnouts, VAMAV LLC provided on-site support. Services like these are automatically provided as part of the scope of supply for all double slip turnouts and high radius turnouts manufactured and distributed by the company.

Positive impact of refurbishment works

The refurbishment works have been completed, contributing to the improvement of safety and service level, as well as to the economical operation. Further these works have a positive impact to the benefit and satisfaction of the travellers, carriers and railway operators.