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First mobile milling of 400UHC® HSH® rails in Viennas Underground Line U6

2 November 2022 | 

The public transport operator Wiener Linien plays a crucial role in maintaining Viennas Number 1 Position as most liveable city in the world by ensuring safe, punctual and reliable means of transport.

In terms of Metro rail maintenance, Wiener Linien is relying on voestalpine Railway Systems' MG11 to efficiently remove rail degradation such as RCF and corrugation aiming to reduce vibrations and operational noise.

In July 2022 the long-year track test in underground Line U6 has been milled, representing the first mobile milling of 400UHC® HSH® rails in Metro. At this test site, the rail steels R260, R350HT and 400UHC® HSH® have been compared since 2015, showing the potential to significantly reduce rail wear, RCF and corrugation.

The milling interaction went very positive, as the profile could be restored and rail degradation could be removed on all rail steels, leading to a perfectly smooth rail surface.

The test suggests, that especially in Metro curves, where very aggressive degradation takes place, the combination of 400UHC® HSH® and the MG11 milling process is a very effective combination. While the 400UHC® HSH® rails ensures slowest degradation and highest profile stability (lowest need for maintenance), the milling process precisely restores the design profile and fully eliminates residual rail damages.

The combination of service and product represents a holistic rail maintenance strategy leading to

  • Increased safety
  • Highest track availability
  • Minimized noise and vibrations
  • Lowest need for maintenance and thus lowest Life Cycle Costs