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Delivering long-lasting welding with a user-friendly, heavy duty and flexible wheeled carriage perfectly integrated with any Böhler Welding MIG-MAG welding equipment.

Ideal for long seams fillet welds, with the unique user interface you have all the controls at your fingertips. The perfect alignment of Böhler Welding Equipment and consumables brings productivity to the next level with the all new wheelRunner.

Your benefits:

  • High voltage remoted - safety on the job site without the need for batteries with 36 V DC only at the work site
  • Single user interface - welding process and movements in one hand because of wire speed, arc length, voltage and movement control
  • Perfect alignment with Böhler Welding consumables and equipment - excellent welding performances due to compatibility with all TERRA & URANOS equipment

See for yourself

  • User-friendly - easy and fast set-up
  • Perfect for heavy-duty welding operations - rugged & tireless
  • Flexible - versatile for on-site and in-shop welding
  • Max. deposition rate
  • Higher productivity and quality with optimized performances
  • Max. travel speed and penetration

Frames, beams and stiffeners can be profitably welded using this solution both on-site and in-shop. The perfect weld seam is achieved thanks to specific Böhler Arc welding programs and productivity further improved with the Böhler Welding special processes such as rapiDeep and QuickPulse.


Product features User benefits
  • Connection with the preferred Böhler Welding MIG-MAG Equipment via the CAN-BUS connector
  • Quick-release insulated torch holder
  • Toolless set-up for positioning and adjustments
  • Operates in forward and reverse directions
  • Duty cycle up to 100%
  • Travel speeds up to 160 cm/min
  • High load capacity - above 25 kg
  • Constant travel speed in any position and any carriage load with automatic compensation
  • Welding set-up at the frontcentre and back position of the carriage
  • Limit switch
  • Modular concept - rack box with greater reach and flexibility 
  • Tack welding option
  • Suitable for welding and cutting
  • Suitable for straight and curved surfaces
  • Adjustable guide rolls
  • Magnet base for positional welding 
  • Plug & Play
  • Everything in one hand including welding parameters
  • Easy set-up and ready to weld
  • Long-lasting welding
  • Max. flexibility in operation

    Typical Applications

    • Fillet and lap welds
    • Heavy fabrication T-beams and frames, yellow & green goods longitudinal seams
    • Shipyard stiffeners

    Technical Data

    Speed range  8-160 cm/min
    Torch vertical stroke  45 mm
    Torch horizontal stroke  45 mm
    Weight 14.1 kg
    Working temperature -15° to 50°C
    Supply voltage 42-115-230- VAC 50/60 Hz 30W
    Dimensions 432x356x328 mm