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Under the Surface: Stefan Otto

8 July 2024 | 

Welcome back to the UTP Expert Interview Series “Under the Surface”, where we continue to explore the fascinating world of welding technology through the experiences of our dedicated experts. Today, we have the privilege of hearing from Stefan Otto, an Application Engineer at voestalpine Böhler Welding UTP for over 11 years.

The complexity of welding technology never ceases to amaze me. It's the perfect combination of physics and metallurgy, where we harness the power of electric current to melt metals and create something new, join metals, repair old parts and precisely tailor surfaces for their specific uses.

Stefan's passion for welding technology stems from its endless possibilities and its ability to provide customized solutions for customers.

The real motivation comes from moments when customers provide positive feedback about our solutions, expressing their satisfaction and even sending pictures of the improvements they've experienced. That's when I truly feel the impact of my work.

Stefan's rich experience includes a particularly memorable success story involving the repair of a massive machine bed made of cast iron, showcasing the dedication and expertise of the UTP team.

Welding cast iron is a challenging task, and time was of the essence in this repair project. With efficient coordination and support, we accomplished the repair in three shifts over a weekend, ensuring a flawless outcome that has stood the test of time.

UTP stands out among suppliers due to its unwavering commitment to high-quality products, guaranteed availability and exceptional customer service.

Our focus on technological developments and specialized welding processes, like laser buildup welding, enables us to address the evolving needs of the market. As base materials become more specialized, UTP has risen to the challenge of adapting and developing filler metals for various welding processes, and procedures.

The strong customer contact maintained by UTP plays a pivotal role in understanding market requirements and driving continuous improvement throughout the organization.

At UTP, we cherish the sense of togetherness, where every department collaborates to achieve excellence: from research and development to quality assurance, production and sales.


Join us on this journey of innovation and dedication, as we strive to deliver outstanding solutions with UTP, the best solution for surface protection.