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Under the Surface: Jan Hilkes

28 August 2023 | 

Today, we have the pleasure of hearing from Jan Hilkes, former Managing Director of voestalpine Böhler Welding UTP in Bad Krozingen, and the driving force behind the global surface protection brand, UTP.

Welcome back to the UTP Expert Interview Series “Under the Surface”, where we continue to delve into the fascinating world of welding technology with the insights of our esteemed experts. 

The impact of welding technology on society is truly remarkable. Welding consumables play a crucial role in creating waste-to-energy installations, welding pipelines, and building offshore platforms, providing corrosion resistance and materials for power plants. Welding is what unites the world.

Jan's fascination with metallurgy, the intricate combination of elements like nickel, cobalt, carbon, and chromium, has led to the development of exceptional wear protection, hard-facing wires, cored wires, fluxes, and nickel products.

Our products offer unparalleled flexibility, customized to meet every customer's specific application needs. UTP's core strength lies in delivering specialized solutions for challenging welding tasks and severe applications, backed by a team of skilled and experienced business developers and welding engineers.

The WELDINGacademy, a hub of learning and expertise, offers specialized training on repair welding, nickel cladding, and strip cladding, catering to the needs of a diverse and eager audience.

Our customers are hungry for knowledge, seeking the expertise that UTP provides for complex welding challenges.

UTP's range of products encompasses wear resistance, wear protection, corrosion resistance, corrosion protection, and specialized nickel and special alloys, making it a justified leader in the welding industry.

As the industry evolves, Jan recognizes the need for automation in Western countries, driven by the scarcity of trained and skilled welders.

Embracing automation with products like our robotics cored wires ensures precise placement and enhanced weldability, reducing manual labor and paving the way for a sustainable future.


  • Stay tuned for more captivating interviews and success stories, where our experts continue to shape the future of welding technology.