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Under the Surface: Herbert Abbott

15 July 2024 | 

Today we begin the series with a fascinating interview with Herbert Abbott, Managing Director of voestalpine Böhler Welding Middle East.

With over two decades of experience in the welding industry, I've witnessed incredible transformations and encountered diverse challenges. But the most thrilling part of it all is that every day brings new opportunities to excel.

From manufacturing to mining, cement to sugar and steel production, welding plays a pivotal role in countless industries. Herbert Abbott has been at the forefront, tackling some of the most challenging welding projects head-on.

One of the most memorable challenges I faced was the relaunch of our UTP business in South Africa. Back then, my knowledge of surface protection was limited, but I knew I had a team I could rely on.

UTP, the best solution for surface protection, provided unwavering support. Herbert reached out to the UTP experts, who gladly joined forces with him.

Working together, we successfully revitalized the UTP business in the country, tapping into a market full of opportunities. Our diverse portfolio of high-quality surface protection products, coupled with our experienced team of experts, has set UTP apart from others in the industry.

Customers not only gain access to world-class products, they also have a partner they can rely on for tackling their surface protection challenges.

So, join us as we delve into more captivating stories from our experts. Discover the essence of UTP and its unwavering commitment to providing the best solutions for surface protection.