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The Best for the Best
In the Wind Energy Sector

16 August 2021 | 

diamondspark - this month we take a closer look on diamondspark products in the Wind Power Industry

Which diamondspark products can we offer?

The following products are the best seamless cored wires for this job:

diamondspark Ni1 RC
diamondspark Ni 1 MC

  • No redrying necessary due to an ultra low hydrogen content
  • Good ISO-V charpy values at -60°C
  • Excellent feeding
  • Easy slag removal and very low spatter emission
  • Excellent weldability
  • Reduced post weld cleaning and repairs necessary

And in the field of SAW we present the combination:

diamondspark S 56 HP / UV 400

Which offers

  • a 40% increased productivity
  • a cost reduction and the possibilty to increase deposition rates without investments in new equipment
  • low risk on failing mechanical properties
  • high process reliability leading to a low defect ratio and a low down-time
  • a wire with good resistance to deformation which is very easy to straighten
  • Ultra-dry wire design
  • Good bead appearance and good slag detachability

This combination is also suitable for 2-run technology where it shows an improved welding behaviour with good charpy toughness.

Haven’t seen our new diamondspark Image video yet? Click here for the “Operation diamondspark”

diamondspark seamless cored wires are unique and unmatched in their quality and performance – that’s why everyone tries to have a diamondspark of their own. For the original quality, you don’t have to steal or break into high security vaults – just give your local sales representative or distributor a call.

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