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The Best for the Best: BÖHLER FOX C 9 MV

31 January 2020 | 

Best Electrodes. Best Welders. Our recommendation for power plant construction.

As a pioneer in welding consumables for the joining of metals, Böhler Welding offers a globally unique and customer-focused portfolio for lasting connections.

Böhler Welding stick electrodes are developed to meet the highest expectations and provide the best solution for your welding job. Whatever your challenge is, wherever you are working and whatever industry it is, you will always find the right electrode in our portfolio.

BÖHLER FOX C 9 MV is a stick electrode used for the creep resistant steel grade P 91. This electrode is long time creep rupture tested. Further characteristics to be mentioned are:

  • Approved for long-term use at service temperatures up to 650 °C
  • Low hydrogen content
  • Good welding characteristics in all positions except vertical down
  • Stable arc, low spattering and good slag detachability
  • Excellent striking and re-striking properties

Find all information in our Factsheet here

Watch our new video now and convince yourself of the excellent welding characteristics!