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Introducing TERRA NX - The Next TERRA Generation

23 May 2023 | 

If you are looking for a reliable, productive, and easy-to-use welding machine, TERRA NX is the perfect choice. Developed by Böhler Welding, TERRA NX is a high-performance welding machine that is ideal for heavy-duty applications in the metal fabrication and mechanical industries.

TERRA NX - Gets the job done

  • Reliability

TERRA NX is built to last, thanks to its robust design and advanced manufacturing process. It undergoes demanding tests, including 100% testing of components and equipment, to ensure the highest quality and durability. Its protection from dust and dirt also ensures longevity. Plus, its high efficiency and patented inverter power source make it EcoDesign compliant.

  • Productivity

TERRA NX enhances productivity, thanks to its compatibility with Böhler Welding consumables with a high deposition rate and less reworking. It comes with seven proprietary Böhler Welding processes and up to 600 welding programs. Its dedicated welding programs for high deposition allow productivity to increase up to 50% and it boasts 100% digital control of the welding arc, fast response and the tuning of welding parameters, and fewer spatters.

  • Ease of Use

TERRA NX is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive LCD color user interface. Its hardware modularity and software upgrading make it highly flexible and upgradable to different materials and applications. It also offers a full range of equipment accessories.

What we offer:

  • 100% Electronics by Böhler Welding

All TERRA NX PCBs are developed and manufactured in-house, ensuring the best design and fast reactions to any inconveniences that may arise.

  • TERRA NX Approval Trials

We conduct comprehensive tests on all TERRA NX welding equipment, including final functional testing, electric/electronic tests, active load tests, welding tests, heating tests and type-tests under the harshest climate and mechanical stress conditions.

  • Latest Technologies Inside TERRA NX

TERRA NX features a patented high-efficient and long-term experience inverter engine (ThreeLevel® by Böhler Welding), a high-frequency resonant inverter (100 kHz), data transmission via CAN bus, ventilation speed modulation corresponding to the internal temperature, air-flow design to protect the electronics from dust and dirt, aluminum covers  and PBT plastic to ensure lightness and hardiness. Its thermal protection is integrated into the power module for accurate temperature control, while its MicroProcessor with high-storage capacity ensures digital accuracy, the best reliability and fast retroaction.

  • 5-Year Warranty Program

We stand behind the quality and reliability of TERRA NX, which is why we offer up to five years’ warranty for your TERRA NX.

Higher Productivity through higher Usability

  • Connecting TERRA NX

TERRA NX features ergonomic connections for easier operations and CAN bus connection available in the front and back, which provides more setup opportunities. It also comes with standard euro connections, remote controls and weld@Net connections.

  • Easy Access for Switching and Easy to Set

TERRA NX allows for easy and fast manual actions, with few screws, quick connections, a big and easy-to-grip main switch and fast water connections.

  • User Interface Clear and Easy to Set

TERRA NX features a 3.5” LCD graphic color user interface with a screen angle of 124° specifically designed for the best readability. Its intuitive and easy navigation, large touch-button and big knob make it easy to set, even when wearing welding gloves.

  • Configure and Upgrade Your TERRA NX

TERRA NX is highly flexible and upgradable to different materials and applications. You can configure it to your welding job, with options for hardware, software, welding programs, among others.

Get more information about our new TERRA NX welding machines:

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