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Because Böhler Welding cares

4 February 2021 | 

The world needs more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Böhler Welding is committed to its responsibility and drive developments for a world worth living in. Because Böhler Welding cares.

The world we live in is in need of more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, also from the producing industry. Böhler Welding is committed to its responsibility to support this age of energy transition and drive developments for a world worth living in. The initiated researches in health and environmentally friendly products, in sustainable solutions and energy efficient equipment are only the first steps into a sustainable future. Because Böhler Welding cares.

At the moment you can read more about the following sustainable products in our portfolio:


Böhler Welding machines of the URANOS line are equipped with the energy saving greenWave® technology. Read more 


The ECOspark® portfolio represents the latest state of development for copper-free solid wires for joint welding of unalloyed and low-alloyed Steels. Read more

Other than these 2 product lines, we also have articles in our product range, which contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment one way or another:

  • The “BÖHLER Air” Powered Air-Purifying Respiratory (PAPR)-System provides the welder with the best protection against particles and fumes related to welding and grinding applications.
  • The new Small Packs do not use unnecessary packaging where it isn’t required and allow an easy disposal as they are made of recyclable cardboard only.

Also the voestalpine AG takes its responsibility in this area very seriously – it has been regarded as the environmental and efficiency benchmark for the industry for decades. The group has invested hugely in environmental and climate protection over the past decade – around EUR 2.3 billion – as well as initiating research into alternative manufacturing processes, optimization of technologies and production facilities.