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voestalpine Railway Systems France

voestalpine Railway Systems France offers products and services according machining, bending, equipment assembly and railway industrial needs. The company offers the range of types of turnouts, Unified layout (UT) and Industrial layout (IT).

They provide:

  • Rods and lever boxes
  • Fishplates for different profiles
  • Sets of stops for half-switches (Jeux de butées de demi-aiguillages)
  • Buffer stops for end of track with and without energy dissipation (Heurtoirs de fin de voie avec et sans dissipation d’énergie)
  • Level crossing barriers with no maintenance (Passage à niveau en anglais, c’est "level crossing")
  • Various special machines for switches with specific electronic characteristics (Diverses machines spéciales avec spécificités électroniques)


Bertrand TENOUX

Managing Director - CEO / COO


Michael DECKAN

Managing Director - CFO


Managing Director - CSO