voestalpine Böhler Welding

Lasting Connections

As pioneers, we are at the forefront of innovation and developing new solutions that are unique in the market. This moves the welding industry forward. Our objective is to achieve more benefit for all. This is why we build on team work, involve partners and customers, and share knowledge across all borders. Communicating and supplying solutions to our customers through our Channel Strategy is crucial to our continued success. Together we can achieve more.

A Renowned Market Leading Brand Operating in the Welding Consumables Market

Customers and partners in over 150 countries place their trust in our products and solutions. The applications expertise gathered on-site worldwide in more than 8 decades makes voestalpine Böhler Welding (formerly Böhler Welding Group) the preferred partner of leading companies in various demanding industries and market segments. As a leader in innovation we always work in collaboration with our customers and partners to develop innovative products and welding solutions for the future. It is our intention that as a voestalpine Böhler Welding distributor you should share in our success and business development. We are steadily working to further enhance this channel to the market whether it is for Joining, Maintenance & Cladding or Brazing.

The key cornerstones are a certification process, marketing and sales support, market communications, supply chain logistics and training programs. All of these components must be put into place to demonstrate our commitment to you, our position within the distributor channel and the overall market. We ensure that our distribution partners grow bigger and more profitable selling our products and services thereby enhancing their position in the welding industry. Our Distributor Program is based on the following principles:

  • to create strategic alliances
  • to work with robust local and global welding products distributors
  • to develop long term partnerships and win-win relationships
  • committed to developing and investing in our distributors
  • committed to providing technical excellence

Join Full Service

We want to create true value for you, so you can do the same for your customers.

We consider absolute customer focus to be the key to success. We support the end customers comprehensively so that they get not just any, but the best possible solution. With our services, we create true customer benefit - competently, swiftly and straight forward.

Your business is supported with technical handbooks, sales literature, global advertising, merchandising and POS material to help you competitively position yourself as a competent supplier of the best metal fillers in the world. Selling of technical products in a B2B environment is for sure a matter of technical supremacy and good pricing but don’t underestimate the power of the emotional bond and branding principles. Customers who come looking for your brand significantly simplify the purchase decision and allow you to secure a fair price premium. This also enables you to concentrate your efforts on your core business of sales and local service. You will especially benefit from the advertising campaigns surrounding new products as they bring new business and regularly forward prospects and sales leads directly to you.

Our experts clearly address all issues that matter. Benefit from their experience and expertise in metallurgy, welding processes and industry applications to enhance and upgrade your know-how.

Our bags are packed! Not all challenges can be solved remotely. In such cases, our experts will travel to your site immediately. We also provide individual product and application training for your engineers, welding and sales staff.

It takes effort and is time-consuming to prequalify filler metals for welding applications. Yet, it is necessary in order to standardize processes and predefine quality targets. Our experts conduct welding tests and field trials. They have the relevant experience to assist you in making the right decision.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories are internationally certified and accredited, our experienced experts enjoy international recognition. They provide customers with detailed chemical and mechanical analyses that are managed using a process controlled global IT system and guarantee a high level of reliability and assurance.

Throughout the industry, we have earned a reputation for always being there for our customers and solving even the toughest tasks - before and after a purchase. Our competent and knowledgeable engineers are always at your disposal to attend to your questions and concerns, however challenging they may be.

Ensuring the supply of materials to international jobsites is a challenge. Drawing on their vast experience and country-specific knowledge, our logistics managers design your steadily functioning supply chain. This helps you avoid delays and material shortages.