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Stick electrodes

Electric arc welding with stick electrodes is one of the oldest and most versatile welding processes. It is also considered as one of the simplest and safest methods. An electric arc is generated between the stick electrode and the base material. In shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) or manual metal arc welding (MMA) using coated stick electrodes, the coating forms a protective gas shield and a slag, thereby protecting the transferred metal droplets and the weld metal against contact with atmospheric oxygen. Further functions of the coating are de-oxidation of the weld metal, increasing the metal recovery, compensating for burn-off and ensuring good wetting behaviour. In practical use there are three significant types of coating: rutile, basic and cellulosic and mixtures of these.

Stick electrode packaging Böhler Welding Dry System

Böhler Welding DRY SYSTEM is the alternative for costly climate controlled storage and handling procedures, providing “oven dry” stick electrodes. DRY SYSTEM avoids the necessity of re-drying, and use of holding ovens and quivers in welding applications with a potential risk of hydrogen induced or hydrogen assisted cracking. Safe welding with low-hydrogen weld metal is assured up to nine hours after opening the vacuum pack.

Cellulose-coated stick electrodes

Due to the high level of cellulose in the coating, they have excellent properties for out-of-position welding, but poor properties for horizontal welding. They are therefore mainly used for vertical-down welding on large pipes.

Rutile-coated stick electrodes

These electrodes are very popular due to their good welding properties. The welding arc is stable and calm and is easy to reignite, the seams are finely rippled, and most of the slag comes off by itself. Rutile-coated electrodes have sufficient toughness properties, but are only suitable for out-of-position welding to a limited extent (high-alloy). BÖHLER electrodes for under water welding are a special type namely rutile acid (RA). They have a special sealing to protect against the water.

Basic-coated stick electrodes

The main advantages of basic electrodes are the outstanding toughness properties of the weld metal and its resistance to hot and cold cracks. Basic-coated electrodes have a coarse droplet material transfer, can be used to weld in all positions and have somewhat coarsely rippled seams. The slag can be relatively easily removed, but not as easily as with rutile-coated electrodes.

Stick electrode packaging Böhler Welding Dry System


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