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Submerged arc welding (SAW) uses a metallic filler metal (wire) and a non-metallic consumable, the welding flux. Böhler Welding offers a vast range of filler materials for submerged arc welding. The product range comprises over 120 wire/flux combinations covering non-alloyed, weather resisting, high strength, low-temperature and creep resistant steel, all types of stainless steel, as well as nickel-base alloys. They are fully developed in-house and are manufactured in our specialized production unit in Hamm, Germany.
SAW flux Böhler Welding


The range of products for non- and low-alloyed steels, features a number of wire / flux combinations with cored wires under the name BÖHLER SUBARC. These provide extra productivity, due to the higher deposition rate of cored wires compared to solid wires.

The welding flux has a significant effect on the weld appearance and slag detachability, as a result of the melting characteristics and various physical properties such as viscosity, surface tension, density, thermal expansion and electrical conductivity. The flux also affects the chemical composition of the weld metal and its mechanical properties, due to its metallurgical action. 

All over the world, these products are applied in demanding industrial segments, such as power generation, the process and chemical industries, up and downstream offshore fabrication, pipe mills, the nuclear industry, wind tower production and civil engineering.


Our submerged arc product packaging is designed for maximum welding productivity. Next to standard 25 kg spools, wires can be supplied on spool bodies with a filling content of 100, 300, 350 and even 1000 kg to reduce downtime with high duty cycle welding systems. Fluxes can be ordered in standard 25 kg bags or sealed metal drums, but also in BigBags with 500 or 1000 kg filling content. The same flux packaging forms can be ordered in DRY SYSTEM – our special moisture proof packaging line for fluxes. With DRY SYSTEM, the flux stays factory dry and can be used without re-baking.


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