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Simple, flexible, and effective: Full Welding Solutions by Böhler Welding

2023-02-06 | 

The Full Welding Solution Metal Fabrication with CO-BRO® enables a 50% increase in productivity at the high-tech production company Bozonet.

In order to make production more efficient, Bozonet, a French manufacturing company, was looking for an automated solution that would meet the company’s requirements and provide more flexibility. They found what they were looking for with our Full Welding Solution Metal Fabrication including our collaborative welding robot CO-BRO®.

Bozonet is a high-tech manufacturing company based in France, in the Bourgogne Franche Comté region. It offers turnkey production solutions covering the entire design, concept, manufacture, and supply of vessels and varioustypes of structures and parts, including laser cutting and welding. Bozonet manufactures more than 100 different types of small and medium-sized parts. They successfully use mild/low alloy steels, stainless steels and aluminum alloys.

Looking for a way to be more efficient and productive, Bozonet sought an automated solution, meeting the company’s needs and provide the necessary flexibility for a production model that is often based on small series or even one-offs. Thanks to the partnership between voestalpine Böhler Welding and Universal Robot France, and the collaboration with our local distributor ATS, Bozonet was able to discover the Full Welding Solutions Metal Fabrication with CO-BRO®.

This solution includes the collaborative robot CO-BRO®, the Böhler Welding system Uranos NX 3200 GSM, the comprehensive software interface and the accessories package.

Thanks to the synergic welding programs of Böhler Arc, the best arc performance is ensured using Böhler Welding filler metals through a harmonized, perfectly matched interaction of material and power source.

Compared to conventional industrial robot solutions, Bozonet appreciates the simpler programming and programs editing, the better and easier interaction between the operator and the robot arm, the high flexibility for small series, the easy masking and tooling, and the fact that there are no high requirements for either welding or programming.

The implementation in the Bozonet plant required minimal effort from the customer for installation and commissioning, and only a few days for training the first operators. As a result, after just a few hours of programming and using the PulseDrive welding process developed by Böhler Welding, Bozonet was able to increase brackets productivity from 250 to 400 pieces/day with high quality and reliability.

David Montigilbert, Equipment Line Manager France

Currently, the Full Welding Solution Metal Fabrication with CO-BRO®, tailored to Bozonet, allows an increase in productivity of about 50% with high-quality standards and simple and fast programming, without the need for trained welders and highly skilled robot programmers.

Metal Fabrication with CO-BRO® Full Welding Solution

Our perfect easy-to-use welding solution for metal fabrication - when time matters.

Product Summary:

  • Plug and Play Solution with our collaborative welding robot CO-BRO®
  • Easy use of control panel
  • MIG/MAG and TIG AC/DC packages
  • Matching welding consumables for any low-medium to high-strength, stainless or aluminium application
  • Böhler Arc: perfect combination of filler metal, welding processes and equipment


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