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Perfect combination: superior process reliability and efficiency, from Böhler Welding

2023-05-26 | 

With outstanding application knowledge and innovative solutions, voestalpine Böhler Welding was chosen by Allerton Steel as their Full Welding Solution Provider. Allerton Steel, an UK-based heavy fabrication business, required a solution to aid them in the delivery of a large project in time and on budget.

Allerton Steel is a heavy engineering company based in Northallerton, UK, specialising in heavy structural and mechanical fabrication. The company is considered a ‘benchmark’ in the North East of the UK due to the size and complexity of projects undertaken and its first-class reputation
for quality and customer base.

One of the primary challenges faced by the customer was rising energy costs: the use of inefficient step-switch/transformer-based machines was having a significant impact on their profitability. Additionally serviceability was a challenge: equipment was becoming increasingly unreliable and parts were not always available. On top of that, the use of step switch machines with solid wire meant that spatter was a big problem. A significant amount of time had to be allocated to post-weld cleaning and fettling.

The company needed a machine and process that could deliver the outputdeposition rates and weld quality to aid in the delivery of a large and prestigious contract against a tight schedule.

The opportunity therefore arose for voestalpine Bohler Welding UK to make an offer to deliver an optimum solution to these challenges. Starting with consumables trials, Gary Taylor from voestalpine Bohler Welding UK, convinced the customer to try the consumables in combination with a Böhler Welding machine.

Enter the TERRA 400 MSE Rapideep Steel:

The perfect mix of “no fuss” for the welders (easy-to-use process, simple panel, single wire & convenient welding) as well as efficiency for the management team (high deposition rate, longer life of wear parts, less rework, less post weld cleaning).

The demonstration machine was configured according to the customer’s requirements (WF330 RAPIDEEP STEEL feed unit, water-cooled, L.10m joints) and came with a training day for the welders testing the machine.

Regular visits by our experts Rob Foster, Area Sales Manager, and Joe Irvin, Equipment Line Manager, took place to ensure that both management and shop floor staff were satisfied with the Böhler Welding solution.

Trusting in our Full Welding Solutions:

Despite other offers, Allerton Steel was convinced about our TERRA 400 MSE, particularly in combination with our diamondspark wires. An order was thus placed for a total of 19 TERRA 400 MSE Rapideep Steel packages (10 x aircooled, 9 x water-cooled) due to the high level of satisfaction, with the potential for more units in the future.

Product Summary

  • Advanced inverter technology power source for superior arc performance
  • High service life also in heavy duty and enviromental conditions
  • Full digital and user-friendly control panel
  • Synergic operations from databank (40 pre-set programs)
  • High power at 100% of duty cycle
  • CAN fieldbus digital communication protocol system
  • Air flow ducting and fully encapsulated PC board to avoid dust contamination