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Full Welding Solution in Trail: Pipeline Manual Welding at SICIM SPA

2024-01-25 | 

SICIM SPA is a world leader in engineering, procurement and construction in the oil & gas sector. To improve their productivity, SICIM decided to test our Full Welding Solution for pipeline manual welding. Using not only our consumables but the lightweight TERRA MP 350 RC as well as the support and know-how from the Global Welding Team and the Application Team of voestalpine Böhler Welding.

The company successfully uses Böhler Welding consumables for manual welding for decades gaining a lot of confidence working with our stick electrodes. The aim was to increase productivity, so they contacted our Global Welding Solutions Team with the specific requirements to create a solution suitable for the job site locations with extremely low temperatures where of course the machine quality and electronics play a vital role.

Our competent as well as committed specialists accompanied the entire process and assembled perfectly coordinated components. After joint discussion along with preparatory work with the support from the Global Welding Solutions and Application team, SICIM spa tested our Full Welding Solution for pipeline manual welding,
based on the range of pipeline cellulosic and basic stick electrodes, the welding equipment TERRA MP 350 RC and
the job site remote control RC 100 MP. Such a trial session has been organized at the SICIM spa facility in Busseto (Parma, Italy), on an API 5L X65 O.D. 36” W.T. 11.1 mm pipe, to be filled in 4 passes according to the following scheme:

  • Root pass: FOX CEL S d. 3.2 mm (AWS A5.1 E 6010) in uphill progression
  • Hot pass: FOX CEL 85 d. 4.0 mm (AWS A5.5 E8010-P1) in downhill progression
  • Fill: FOX EV 65 d. 3.2 mm (AWS A5.5 E8018-D1 H4R) in uphill progression
  • Cap: FOX EV 65 d. 3.2 mm (AWS A5.5 E8018-D1 H4R) in uphill progression

Our solutions and application experts supported all trials to find the best results, bringing them Advantages in terms of time savings, welding performance and easy handling on the job site.

    About SICIM spa

    About SICIM spa SICIM spa was founded in 1962 and is a world leader in its field. The company worked so far in 25 countries, employing 6950 people, with a vehicle fleet composed of 5744 units and with more than 15.000 km pipes laid during the last 60 years.

    The company can implement multidisciplinary facilities in all corners of the globe, supported by its organization, which allows it to quickly mobilize machines, resources, and staff to reach the most remote areas of the planet. Their focus is cross-country pipeline laying and O&G plants.

    Full Welding Solution: Pipeline Manual Welding

    Product Summary

    High quality pipeline manual welding wiht cellulosic and basic stick electrodes

    TERRA MP 350 RC Pipeline Version
    • A robust and reliable three phase new generation inverter powersource, ideal for pipeline welding. Compact, light and durable, it has been designed for hard working environments.
    Pipeline Stick Electrodes
    • Cellulosic FOX CEL and basic vertical down BVD stick electrodes specifically conceived and designed for the optimal pipeline welding, characterized by outstanding mechanical properties.
    weldTECH Application Services
    • Being a Full Welding Solutions provider means acting as a partner for pipeline contractors through the weldTECH Application Services, which include a team of welding engineers experienced in pipeline construction. 

    Customer Benefits

    • Lightness, portability and robustness of TERRA MP 350 RC has been highly appreciated, as well as the functionality of the user friendly remote control RC 100 MP; with the anti-shock protection ensured by the metallic roll-bar and its stable placement over the pipe thanks to the dedicated rear magnet.
    • A further plus of TERRA MP 350 RC is the special electronics resistant to extremely low temperatures, beneficial for SICIM spa, which operates often in very cold environment jobsites.
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