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A perfect result at 200 % welding speed

2022-02-07 | 

Böhler Welding's customer service staffrapidly fulfilled the request of a customer from Liechtenstein for improved welding productivity to their complete satisfaction: The combination of Foxcore 316L-MC & URANOS 5000 GSM makes use of the Böhler Arc and delivers quality and top speed.

The Böhler Welding customer, "Ludwig Elkuch AG", approached our application engineers with a request for optimization and performance increases in welding applications.
In this concrete case, they wanted to weld tanks with cooling coils, where it is important that the root is welded through so that no crevice corrosion can occur.

The requirements for the Böhler Welding team were therefore very clear

  • Improve gap bridging capability
  • avoid burn-through
  • reduce rework rate and repair rate
  • improve welding process stability
  • increase welding speed and also thereby increasing productivity

The proposed solution - a combination of Böhler Welding filler metal and the powerful URANOS 5000 GSM multi-process welding machine yielded the desired outcome right away.

Utilizing the Böhler Arc Effect - the best possible arc due to a harmonized, perfectly matched interaction of material and power source - therefore made it possible to increase the welding speed from 35cm/minute to 75cm/minute and to optimally satisfy all the


  • very good gap bridging properties
  • no burn-through
  • low rework rate and repair rate
  • high process stability

FOXCORE 316L-MC & URANOS 5000 GSM top speed with BÖHLER ARC

Product information FOXCORE



EN ISO 17633-A: T 19 12 3 L M M12 2
EN ISO 17633-B: TS 316L-M M12 1
AWS A5.22 / SFA-5.22: EC316L

 Properties and application examples

  • Austenitic metal powder wire of type T 19 12 3 L / EC316L for welding of similar and similar, stabilized or non-stabilized, corrosion-resistant Austenitic CrNi(Mo) steels

 Product advantages

  • High productivity with
  • excellent welding behavior and
  • very low spatter formation
  • good wetting behavior.
  • uniform firing penetration
  • low susceptibility to edge misalignment and gap width deviations
  • Approvals

 TÜV (09988), CWB, CE

Product information URANOS


Unit dimensions L x W x H: 690 x 290 x 510 mm Weight: 38 kg


  • MIG / MAG
  • MMA
  • TIG DC Lift

Power specifications

  • Main voltage (50/60 Hz): 3 x 400 / 230 V ± 15%
  • Max. power consumption: 22.9 / 23.9 kVA
  • Maximum current consumption: 33.0 / 61.5 A
  • Power factor PF: 0.95


  • Working range: 3 - 500 A
  • Ø Wire diameter (WF 4000): 1.0 - 1.2 mm (opt 0.6 - 1.6)
  • Ø filler wire (WF 4000): 1.2 - 2.4 mm
  • Ø aluminum (WF 4000): 0.8 - 1.6 mm
  • Wire speed (WF 4000): 0.5 - 22.0 m / minute
  • Diameter of wire spool (WF 3000 / WF 4000): Ø 200 / 300 mm

Product advantages

  • High performance at 100% ED
  • Heat-resistant, robust plastic housing
  • Temperature-controlled ventilation
  • CAN FELDBUS digital data transfer
  • Graphic display, digital display for the welding parameters.
  • greenWave® inverter technology for high energy efficiency and perfect control over all welding phases

About the customer

Ludwig Elkuch AG possesses extensive know-how and a wide range of products in the field of engineering for tanks, containers, apparatus construction and mechanical engineering. Every tank, from storage tanks to pressure vessels and gas tanks, is designed, constructed, manufactured and tested at Elkuch with the same degree of care.

Their core competence also lies in the design, development, implementation and production of customized solutions for their customers.