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One year as Full Welding Solutions Provider

2022-03-09 | 

We are celebrating a milestone! For a year now, Full Welding Solutions has been in the spotlight, and for a year now, we have been working with full commitment to ensure that the benefits for customers become evident. Now is the time to take a brief look back.

Becoming a Full Welding Solutions provider

In February of 2021, we started our Full Welding Solutions – the perfect alignment of welding machines, consumables, and technologies combined with our renowned application and process know-how.

Our goal was to offer a holistic approach that’s why – for the development of each Full Welding Solution – it was necessary to team-up with people having different technical culture and approach.

Francesco Ciccomascolo, Global Full Welding Solution Manager

And our portfolio is constantly growing - more solutions are coming!

We are supercritical with our own work and development. We try everything back and forth until we are satisfied to offer the best Full Welding Solutions – additionally, everything is inspected and proven by experts.

Thomas R. Hold, Global Application and Welding Solutions

Why invest in a Full Welding Solution?

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Improved competitiveness due to higher productivity
  • Industry proved turnkey systems with perfectly coordinated components
  • Guaranteed premium welding results
  • Comprehensive support from concept to installation from one source
  • Complete cost transparency for easier planning of your application challenge
  • Peace of Mind when working with the most trusted name in weld metallurgy

We want to offer you a state-of-the-art solution – from the beginning and planning process, providing the right products up to our full support during the project and the ongoing business.

"Thank you for your support" - This is a phrase in customer conversations I hear most often.

Vittorio Massimo Carucci, Global Application & Welding Solutions Manager

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