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Introducing the future: Robotic Welding

2022-10-03 | 

Introducing the future. Welding is moving foward and so are we.

Constant and repeatable quality, higher productivity, lack of welders - there are some welding challenges occuring today and more likely in the future (read more about it here ) -  but there is an answer to support welding tasks by using technologies for robotic welding.

Your ideal partner for robotic welding

What is our part to welding robotic technology? We have developed a range of all-new and highly innovative hardware and software solutions for automatic welding lines and welding robotic cells. To weld successfully it’s important to analyze the needs and tailor all components towards your efficient solution.

What benefits we offer:

  • New generation of products and accessories for robotic welding
  • Complete range of power sources, wire feeders, interfaces, torches and accessories.
  • Böhler Arc: huge library of MIG/MAG and TIG welding processes and programs
  • Perfect synergy of welding equipment and consumables to ensure the high productivity that robot lines deserve
  • Unique, new concept software platform
  • Suitable for all commercial brands of robot

Discover now all you need around your welding robot

We developed a flexible portfolio for all welding applications. All hardware and software components have been designed and developed for maximum flexibility and efficiency in a wide range of applications.

Whatever type of automatic or robot welding line you are planning, we can supply all the hardware you need and configure the software to provide exactly the right functionalities. Starting from the perfect welding machine through wire feeders, torches, remote controls, high-quality consumables and also an extensive range of accessories, we plan and supply your tailored solution.