The northern and southern regions of Europe

Stahlwelten, the event for customers of the voestalpine Steel Division, took place at the end of September in the Stahlwelt in Linz. The day focused on the current issue of whether a break-down in Europe is imminent.

A member of Executive Board of Volkswagen AG, Hans Dieter Pötscher, and Board Member Peter Löscher of Siemens AG spoke about the necessity to of preserving Europe as a place for strong industry in order to secure the future of the continent.

Dietmar Dahmen, brand expert and specialist in future trends, took the participants in the auditorium on a quick trip through the possibilities of free thinking in the production process and showed how a brand can be strengthened by creating new worlds surrounding the brand.

Wolfgang Eder pled in his concluding remarks to preserve Europe as an industrial stronghold and to not let it be weakened. He is convinced that Europe has a bright future if the right amount of effort is put forth.

The guests had the opportunity in the afternoon to take a look behind the scenes at voestalpine in Linz. Guests were given tours of LogServ (the voestalpine subsidiary specializing in logistics), the emergency service centers at the works and the industrial kitchen. The tours provided clear insights into the challenges and dimensions of the Linz location.

A business dinner with the internationally renowned Austrian percussionist Martin Grubinger served as the perfect end to an exciting day with thought-provoking discussions about the topic of the event.