On top of things

The International Academy in Traunkirchen is an institution that furthers the talent of gifted young people and was founded by the famous quantum physicist and university professor Anton Zeilinger. Talented pupils, students and academicians are given additional support for their talents in their own field of science and technology. Thanks to a cooperation, apprentices from voestalpine were permitted to participate for the first time in the programs.

Comparisons have their place The young talented people did a lot of credit to their company in two high-profile workshops. They proved that they had no reason to fear any comparison of their talent in combination with their enthusiasm and their excellent education and training. The apprentices were splendid in Traunkirchen in demonstrating their practical and logical thinking and result-oriented implementation of tasks.

Practical innovation creates a competitive edge Cornelia Plöchl and Matthias Mühlehner took part in the seminar entitled Building an Audio Amplifier. Their résumé: "We understood the theory well and even had a big advantage over the others in practical application," the two apprentices were pleased to report. Dominik Nimmervoll and Mario Leitenmüller took part in the workshop called Building Kinetic Models. That is where they built the car of the future. The challenge here was communicating exclusively in English. "We were especially happy to find out that we had built the best vehicle. And we feel like we represented voestalpine very well with our English skills."

Gratifying Judgment Thomas Voglhuber, one of the workshop leaders, is full of praise for the young people: "The voestalpine apprentices stood out particularly in the way they concentrated on consistently completing the tasks. The mastered all the challenges and difficulties beautifully. voestalpine can be very proud of its apprentices!"